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Like every year Wijs presents its new year’s gift to the world: Trendrapport 2014. The digital agency from Ghent predicted with numerous external experts the digital trends for this year. The result is a patchwork of opinions from which you can distill your own truth. We are happy to help you from a SAM point of view…

“If we can control it, we don’t need to predict it!”

Big data has become the big buzzword. More and more companies predict consumer behaviour. Within the “information overload” and data pollution, it comes down to drawing something useful from the mass of information – for example purchase intentions. It no longer comes down to rationalise everything perfectly in advance but to have the flexibility to respond quickly.

However, data-driven campaigns often focus on sales, upselling, retention, …. And that is why these campaigns and programs often bring little value. It is important to do something extra for the customer, to hit him emotionally and to know how he feels on the basis of data.

“Content marketing is the new advertising”

Therefore, content will be more and more a part of the general communications strategy. But not content because of the content. Content tailored to the context: the target group, the specific business objectives you want to achieve and the stage in the buying cycle. There is a great need to filter interesting content, to reduce bite-sized chunks and to share relevant information before being asked for.

“Marketing Automation and Content Marketing”

Today’s software and content marketing are more powerful than ever and probably the best weapon we have in hands to break through the information tsunami and get our story to the customers. Through marketing automation, clients can be helped in the purchase process with relevant content, with the goal to increase lead conversion.

It is a way to be and to stay relevant for your customers. If you understand from the data what matters to the customer, the content provides real answers to customer questions. That way you create a trusting relationship with your customers which is not broken down by the next best competitor.

“Investing in ICT from a marketing budget”

It boils down to the fact that the field of IT manager and marketer will increasingly overlap. With increasing use of among others marketing automation and integration of CRM systems, the focus shifts towards ICT. That is a big challenge, especially for IT professionals.

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