High-performance sales & marketing business processes are the result of a persevered learning effort where sales, marketing, communication and ICT are aligned. A necessary condition for building long-term sales & marketing programs.

Inbound Marketing Processes

Inbound sales & marketing programs focus on attracting new customers. Here, sales, marketing, communication and ICT are aligned in order to guide an individual prospect through the various phases in his purchasing process on the basis of a concrete value proposition and a content strategy. The various conversion ratios and the cost per lead, cost per sale and cost per contact are important measurement criteria.

Outbound Marketing Processes

Outbound programs focus on the actual conversion of leads as well as on additional sales or reselling to existing customers. Binding customers to the company or preventing churn are examples of outbound programs. The various conversion ratios together with the specific customer value indicators and models such as RFM and LTV together form the main measurement criteria.

Inbound Marketing Processes


Lead Generation Programs

Not every lead can be converted into effective sales. Our objective is to generate a constant influx of sufficient qualitative leads at the lowest possible cost per contact. SAM helps you set up a lead generation program with the highest possible conversion at the lowest possible cost per lead.


Lead Nurturing Programs

Thanks to technology, data marketing and marketing automation we map the process to lead the consumer from prospect to customer. The lead time through this process is different for each consumer or company, and dependent on a whole number of factors. Lead Nurturing Programs specifically focus on sectors, products or customer segments with a long lead time. They aim to continually compile data and to analyze it in order to be able to make contact on time when someone is ready to buy.


E-commerce Programs

E-commerce is often a cheaper and more efficient distribution channel, for products as well as services. We guide you in setting up e-commerce channels. We look at conflicts, implement the necessary tools, benchmark the results, optimize operation or manage the process in full service.

Outbound Marketing Processes


Re-marketing Programs

Re-marketing helps you get in touch again with potential customers that showed an interest in your company earlier but didn’t proceed to a purchase. This can be for prospects that haven’t identified themselves yet (anonymous) as well as prospects whose name we know, and for returning customers. Due to the proper use of data analysis and marketing automation, we can personalize the timing and the relevance of a new offer to such an extent that it becomes a strong stimulus for purchasing.


Customer Up & Cross Sales Programs

We use up-selling and cross-selling techniques to increase your revenues and maintain the relationship with your customers. We help you maximize your profit by creating product groups or clusters after analyzing your sale system or database. We define triggers that launch after sales communication to generate extra sales, and this without disturbing the existing relationship with the customer.


Customer Loyalty Programs

Rewarding and encouraging loyal buying behavior can result in significant changes in performance, profit and growth of your company. From the database and surveys we keep track of customer satisfaction and loyalty. We make a diagnosis of customer churn and develop ways of improving customer relations.


Member-Gets-Member Programs

One of the most powerful marketing tools is still word-of-mouth yet many companies do not make use of this potential. We help you set up an ambassador program, so your greatest fans spread the word about your company and your message.


Customer Win-Back Programs

Lost customers still are a possible source of income for every company. In many cases it’s easier to realize new sales with someone who has done business with your company in the past than with a new prospect. Customer Win-Back Programs focus on winning back old customers. The LTV and the reason for churn determine the priority for regaining an old customer.


Channel Marketing Programs

A distribution channel with several links is only successful if these links (OEM, distributors, wholesale, retailers, etc.) align their sales, marketing, communication and ICT efforts so everyone can fulfil his specific role in the value chain. SAM helps you set up a Channel Marketing Program that ensures that everyone is heading in the same direction. We provide the tools to situate the most effective way of allocating the means and efforts and to realize your business objectives.


Inbound and Outbound marketing programs are only successful for realizing business objectives when they have been built around high-performance business processes. To build these processes and to service these programs SAM developed a specific service in each area of expertise.

We always start from a specific area, but it doesn’t become effective, efficient and performant until these projects evolve into a long-term process and program.


Brand, Marketing, Sales Strategy

  • Market research and analysis
  • Value proposition and positioning
  • Customer journey definition


Data management

  • Data audit
  • Data analysis
  • Data mining / modelling
  • KPI development


Data Reporting

  • Data visualization
  • Dashboard development
  • Business case reporting (ROI, ROMI)


Data Driven Interaction

  • Search engine advertising (SEA)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media listerning
  • Social media advertising


Automation management

  • Vendor and partner selection
  • System and data integration
  • Database management
  • Hosting


Content management

  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Channel management systems


Customer management

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales force automation


Contact & Campaign management

  • E-mail marketing software
  • Social media monitoring software
  • Social media interaction software
  • Campaign management software
  • E-commerce, e-couponing software


Communication planning

  • Creative services (external)
  • A/B testing
  • MV testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Media planning & buying
  • Production planning & buying


Conversation planning

  • Project / interim management
  • Program management
  • Service level agreements

Project management,
Interim management,
or a Service Level Agreement.

You choose how we cooperate

Success is a process. The result of a good value proposition combined with persisted, long-term business processes that can be evaluated and adjusted in real time. Designing, analyzing, implementing and automating these processes and converting them into programs is our specialty.

How we take on the challenge depends on your objectives, people and processes. This can specifically be done in three ways. We can advise you on a first project as soundboard or coach your people and external suppliers as project leader or interim manager or, if so desired, integrally take over specific processes and programs. More information?

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