Starting with performance marketing

As a sales & marketing consultancy, SAM wants to work on the success of its customers by developing long-term high-performance sales and marketing processes. For this, we solely focus on business consulting, data marketing, marketing automation and behavioral planning.

In each of our areas of expertise we have developed several noncommittal workshops or scans. These form an ideal basis for a company to orient itself in Business Process Management and to get to know each other.

If it would come to actual cooperation, you as a customer can always make use of the SME Portfolio.

KMO Portefeuille

kmo2SAM is a recognised ‘KMO portefeuille’ service provider. As a SME you can obtain up to € 40,000 subsidies from the Flemish government for training, strategic advice or support of your business processes. Furthermore, the label offers you the guarantee that SAM works in a qualitative way with the necessary experience and expertise.

Download the leaflet for more information or go to the Enterprise Flanders website:

Put it to the test

Entering into a Business Process Management partnership requires trust. Whether it concerns consulting, data, automation or planning, this trust must be earned. We offer a noncommittal introduction on the basis of several concrete workshops and scans.

01. Workshops

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Business Process Review Workshop
  • Marketing Automation Workshop
  • Second Opinion Service Workshop
  • Customer Journey Workshop

02. Scans

  • Data Scan
  • Search Engine Marketing Scan (SEO, SEA)
  • Social Media Scan

01. Strategy Workshop

The market in which you are operating as a company, is permanently subject to change. The expectations of customers, the offer of old and new competitors, product development, etc. In short: are you still relevant?

Is your value proposition still making the difference? Sufficiently attractive to customers? Can an adjustment appeal to a greater potential? Is your marketing & sales plan sufficiently aligned to the decision-making process of your customers or the consumer?

02. Business Process Review Workshop

SAM consultants are experts in reviewing your sales & marketing business processes. The challenge consists of getting sales, marketing, communication and IT aligned by means of a process.

Do you have enough insight into the functioning of your sales, marketing or communication department? Do you doubt whether they optimally respond to each other? Are you not sure how the prospect funnel or customer pyramid are built up? Do you not succeed in evaluating clinch rates in the sales process?

03. Marketing Automation Workshop

Making optimum use of Marketing Automation means using the right tools to attract and keep customers, to align and automate marketing & sales processes, to fill the sales funnel with new leads and to follow up the effectiveness of your efforts in real time.

During this workshop we map your hardware and software. We examine the data structure of the data sources and how they relate to each other. The conclusion is a SWOT of the current situation and the extent to which the provisions are aligned to the current processes and tools. Finally, we provide a recommendation on the ideal information and system architecture with a number of recommendations for actions.

04. Second Opinion Service Workshop

Those who communicate want to know whether they are doing a good job, which is rarely self-evident. Our behavioral planning specialists evaluate your existing communication tools on the basis of six criteria: attention, interest, description, argumentation, proof and close. We use technological means such as A/B or MVT testing, eye tracking, heat maps, click streams, etc. to define and motivate the analysis.

To conclude the exercise, we formulate a number of recommendations regarding media, messages, call to actions and so on.

05. Customer Journey Workshop

The customer journey gives you an insight into the phases people go through during the buying process from prospect to customer.

During the workshop we examine the various customer segments and persona, and map out the decision-making or buying process step by step, from the attention (how does the customer find us?) to the activate phase (how can we keep contact for extra purchases?). The result is a visual representation of the customer journey with options for improvement.

01. Data Scan

Correct data is of utmost importance for implementing a marketing campaign, defining key segments, looking for new prospects, etc.

The Data Scan measures the quality of your file(s) in view of a thorough clean-up or enrichment. After all, the improved quality of your data has a direct and positive impact on the value of your contact with current and future customers.

02. Search Engine Marketing Scan (SEO, SEA)

These days, being findable on the internet is indispensable. If a potential customer enters a relevant search term in a search engine, you of course want to take a prominent place in the ranking.

The SEM Scan is a first step towards a SEO optimized website and increased effectiveness of search engine advertising (SEA). On the basis of an analysis of the current search engine marketing efforts and the search potential, a recommendation is written out regarding the keywords and the volume of the leads. With an estimate of the implementation cost, the extra traffic and the conversion cost.

03. Social Media Scan

Apart from SEM, social media are a major source of website traffic and online brand perception, as electronic word-of-mouth advertising is perceived as a very reliable source.

Monitoring is essential within social media marketing. How much are people talking about your company, brand, product or service? Who is talking and where? Is the talk positive or negative and how does this relate to the competition?

Our scan maps out the present situation: keywords, social media reach, influencers, available content, storytelling potential, etc.

Our Audit Workshops / Scans all go according to a set pattern.
  • Confidentiality agreement: all information is always treated as confidential
  • Intake interview: in-depth interview on business objectives and audit problems or making the data available for analysis
  • Workshop / scan questionnaire: preparation and analysis on the basis of a detailed questionnaire
  • Workshop / scan: prepared and guided by SAM consultants
  • Deliverable: analysis and recommendations

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