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Automated processes increase lead conversion

Marketing Automation links multimedia communication to a structured sales process. Thanks to software and technology, numerous processes that have proved their effectiveness are automated. Repetitive manual tasks are replaced by automated solutions that increase efficiency and reduce the chance of human error. At SAM, we split automation into four main activities…

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Automation Management

Which software or provider should be chosen for which processes? How can we integrate this into the existing systems?

SAM consultants assist you in writing out business requirements, selecting vendors and partners and steering the implementation.


Content Management

Content management software offers solutions for treating unstructured information in a company in the broadest sense of the word.

At SAM, it mainly concerns two types. Digital Asset Management: filing, managing and distributing digital files. Content Management Systems to publish text, images and other data on the internet.


Contact & Campaign Management

Contact & Campaign Management software enables setting up an effective, continuous dialogue with your customers. On the basis of the needs and behavior of the customer, a specific one-to-one communication strategy for all your channels (online and offline) can be designed, planned, carried out and measured.

This way, we ensure time and time again that the right message is seen by the right people at the right time via the right channel.


Customer Management

In Customer Relationship Management, the customer occupies center stage and we offer him an individual value proposition, based on his wishes.

Via CRM software we can draw up several customer profiles. These are then linked to various business rules so they can be followed up differently throughout the various phases of a sales process and throughout the entire company.

Put it to the test

Entering into a Business Process Management partnership requires trust. Whether it concerns consulting, data, automation or planning, this trust must be earned. We offer a noncommittal introduction on the basis of several concrete workshops and scans.

Marketing Automation Workshop

Making optimum use of Marketing Automation means using the right tools to attract and keep customers, to align and automate marketing & sales processes, to fill the sales funnel with new leads and to follow up the effectiveness of your efforts in real time.During this workshop we map your hardware and software. We examine the data structure of the data sources and how they relate to each other. The conclusion is a SWOT of the current situation and the extent to which the provisions are aligned to the current processes and tools. Finally, we provide a recommendation on the ideal information and system architecture with a number of recommendations for actions.

Our Audit Workshops all go according to a set pattern.
  • Confidentiality agreement: all information is always treated as confidential
  • Intake interview: in-depth interview on business objectives and audit problems
  • Workshop questionnaire: preparation and analysis on the basis of a detailed questionnaire
  • Workshop: prepared and guided by SAM consultants
  • Deliverable: analysis and recommendations

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