Data Marketing


To measure is to know

A well-known saying that has been adopted by many companies, but also provides a Big Data challenge. Do we have the right data? Are they stored centrally or de-centrally? Our data analysts provide the answer to any question and not only offer solutions for data management and reporting, but also work on optimizing your conversion.

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Data Management

Data quality is still the first point of interest for making data available as decision-supporting information. All the more because better data quality enables a reduction of operational costs, an improvement of business insights and therefore better management.

Qualitative data can then be analyzed. Do you know who your best customers are? Which are new and which have been loyal for years? Do you know what they buy? Or: do you know why someone isn’t buying? Would you like to contact him again with a better proposal? This is perfectly possible thanks to Data Marketing.


Data Reporting

On the basis of data visualization software and techniques, data that used to be quite inaccessible can be made available by means of a sales & marketing dashboard in real time.

SAM data analysts can offer sales & marketing directors the tools to feel the pulse of their business. A must to be able to compete in today’s ever faster and digital world, and the competitive market.


Data-Driven Interactions

Data and digital is the future for every company. On the basis of these parameters alone we can now define very high-performance and cost-efficient processes for inbound (lead generation) and outbound (re-marketing, re-messaging) marketing.

Search engines and social media feedback are currently increasingly substituting classic contact with the sales, marketing or customer service departments of a company. SAM can assist you with advice and tools or integrally take over certain services.

Put it to the test

Entering into a Business Process Management partnership requires trust. Whether it concerns consulting, data, automation or planning, this trust must be earned. We offer a noncommittal introduction on the basis of several concrete workshops and scans.

01. Data Scan

Correct data is of utmost importance for implementing a marketing campaign, defining key segments, looking for new prospects, etc.

The Data Scan measures the quality of your file(s) in view of a thorough clean-up or enrichment. After all, the improved quality of your data has a direct and positive impact on the value of your contact with current and future customers.

02. Search Engine Marketing Scan (SEO, SEA)

These days, being findable on the internet is indispensable. If a potential customer enters a relevant search term in a search engine, you of course want to take a prominent place in the ranking.

The SEM Scan is a first step towards a SEO optimized website and increased effectiveness of search engine advertising (SEA). On the basis of an analysis of the current search engine marketing efforts and the search potential, a recommendation is written out regarding the keywords and the volume of the leads. With an estimate of the implementation cost, the extra traffic and the conversion cost.

03. Social Media Scan

Apart from SEM, social media are a major source of website traffic and online brand perception, as electronic word-of-mouth advertising is perceived as a very reliable source.

Monitoring is essential within social media marketing. How much are people talking about your company, brand, product or service? Who is talking and where? Is the talk positive or negative and how does this relate to the competition?

Our scan maps out the present situation: keywords, social media reach, influencers, available content, storytelling potential, etc.

Our Audit Scans all go according to a set pattern.
  • Confidentiality agreement: all information is always treated as confidential
  • Intake interview: making the data available for analysis
  • Scan questionnaire: detailed questionnaire on business objectives and impact on data, SEM and social media
  • Scan: carried out by SAM consultants / certified Google Analysts
  • Deliverable: analysis and recommendations

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