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High-performance processes guarantee success

Our Business Consulting group unites experienced marketers, strategists and operational experts. They cooperate closely with sales, marketing and IT managers as well as general management to develop or optimize more high-performance sales & marketing processes. Only high-performance long-term processes that are evaluated, automated and adjusted continuously, guarantee commercial success. For this, SAM business consultants adopt a four-step process.

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During the Audit phase we evaluate the value proposition of a company. Including the conversion into brand, marketing & sales strategy. The degree to which sales, marketing, communication and IT are aligned with the customer journey from prospect to client, is also analyzed. During this phase we analyze any missing links, overlaps and inefficiencies in detail via a GAP analysis.



During the Analysis phase we go deeper and go over the problematic aspects of the GAP analysis. All available and relevant data is mapped out, analyzed and used to assess the efficiency of the existing processes and the feasibility of the business case. On the basis of the Audit phase and the Analysis phase, the Adopt phase of a business case can be developed around the proposed process optimizations.



During the Adopt phase we formulate a structured business case in which a phased project plan is written out. This is of course not a static document, but it is regularly subject to review, taking account of change management. Having a permanent eye for change in the organization and the environment is a true challenge in a business context. Are the intended results achieved? Are there any more undeveloped opportunities?



During the project’s entire lifespan the business case is continuously updated on the basis of the GAP analysis and the KPIs. Our business consultants can act as a soundboard or keep a finger on the pulse for you day-in day-out and adjust the processes in real-time. They monitor the effectiveness and efficiency for you.

Put it to the test

Entering into a Business Process Management partnership requires trust. Whether it concerns consulting, data, automation or planning, this trust must be earned. We offer a noncommittal introduction on the basis of several concrete workshops and scans.

01. Strategy Workshop

The market in which you are operating as a company, is permanently subject to change. The expectations of customers, the offer of old and new competitors, product development, etc. In short: are you still relevant?

Is your value proposition still making the difference? Sufficiently attractive to customers? Can an adjustment appeal to a greater potential? Is your marketing & sales plan sufficiently aligned to the decision-making process of your customers or the consumer?

02. Business Process Review Workshop

SAM consultants are experts in reviewing your sales & marketing business processes. The challenge consists of getting sales, marketing, communication and IT aligned by means of a process.

Do you have enough insight into the functioning of your sales, marketing or communication department? Do you doubt whether they optimally respond to each other? Are you not sure how the prospect funnel or customer pyramid are built up? Do you not succeed in evaluating clinch rates in the sales process?

Our Audit Workshops all go according to a set pattern.
  • Confidentiality agreement: all information is always treated as confidential
  • Intake interview: in-depth interview on business objectives and audit problems
  • Workshop questionnaire: preparation and analysis on the basis of a detailed questionnaire
  • Workshop: prepared and guided by SAM consultants
  • Deliverable: analysis and recommendations

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