Behavioral Planning


From short-term actions and tools to programs

Behavioral Planning refers to a series of technologies and techniques used to increase the effectiveness of campaigns. Sales & marketing are often viewed too much as part of communication. Because of this, the focus all too often shifts to short-term actions and tools. SAM has a long-term vision and also applies it to communication. By using technology and analysis, concepts, messages, reading patterns and conversions within a business process are evaluated and adjusted.

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Communication Planning

The art of marketing communication consists of reaching the desired target group via the right channels. Who is the communication directed to, when, with which message, why and how?

The brand isn’t central here, but the customer. A profound insight into what the customer expects, wishes and hopes is an essential component for developing a long-lasting and profitable relationship with the customer.

What does the customer journey look like? Which stages does the customer go through in his relation to the brand? Which messages are effective and which ones aren’t? By visualizing these contact moments and analyzing them using A/B or MVT testing, eye tracking, etc. you can make improvements and increase conversion figures step by step.


Conversation Planning

To us, the strength and the success of conversation planning is in creating useful and authentic conversations with the customer about the brand. Day in, day out.

Once the processes have been developed, they need to be carried out in a continuous, structured, process-based way. The guideline for this is the service level agreement.

Our SAM conversation managers help you run the processes and programs and carry out communication. Specifically, this can be done in three ways: internally with SAM as a soundboard, internally by one of our project managers or via external outsourcing at SAM.

Put it to the test

Entering into a Business Process Management partnership requires trust. Whether it concerns consulting, data, automation or planning, this trust must be earned. We offer a noncommittal introduction on the basis of several concrete workshops and scans.

01. Second Opinion Service Workshop

Those who communicate want to know whether they are doing a good job, which is rarely self-evident. Our behavioral planning specialists evaluate your existing communication tools on the basis of six criteria: attention, interest, description, argumentation, proof and close. We use technological means such as A/B or MVT testing, eye tracking, heat maps, click streams, etc. to define and motivate the analysis.

To conclude the exercise, we formulate a number of recommendations regarding media, messages, call to actions and so on.

02. Customer Journey Workshop

The customer journey gives you an insight into the phases people go through during the buying process from prospect to customer.

During the workshop we examine the various customer segments and persona, and map out the decision- making or buying process step by step, from the attention (how does the customer find us?) to the activate phase (how can we keep contact for extra purchases?). The result is a visual representation of the customer journey with options for improvement.

Our Audit Workshops all go according to a set pattern.
  • Confidentiality agreement: all information is always treated as confidential
  • Intake interview: in-depth interview on business objectives and audit problems
  • Workshop questionnaire: preparation and analysis on the basis of a detailed questionnaire
  • Workshop: prepared and guided by SAM consultants
  • Deliverable: analysis and recommendations

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