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Silverpop, a leading behavioral marketing automation technology provider, has outlined seven key trends for 2014. The common theme is an emphasis on building a connected, unique customer experience for every person with whom you do business. It starts with listening to the ways customers and prospects are interacting with you and then using these behaviours to fuel real-time communications and content unique to each individual. The whitepaper covers the following trends…

1. Abandonment remarketing moves up the funnel

For most companies, there’s a huge number of people browsing their site every day who already have a relationship with and some affinity for the brand. Yet only retailers and e-commerce companies seem to remarket to them for cart abandonment. The best marketers will run campaigns where cookies trigger messages to known visitors when their behaviour matches certain criteria in order to nurture them toward a purchase.

2. Digital acquisition meets the physical world

Technologies have evolved to the point that sophisticated marketers will be using in-store location to drive email opt-ins. Digital channels will be capitalising on the opportunity to strengthen and deepen offline relationships with people who are showing some level of interest and engagement by coming into the store. The email channel will make these subscribers more valuable customers by encouraging them to purchase online or drive them back to the store.

3. Actionable data becomes a key difference maker

Your marketing is only as powerful as the data at your fingertips to identify trends and key market segments you might not be able to spot otherwise. It’s all about being able to “listen” to customer and prospect behaviours so you can respond at the right time and place with the right message. You need an actionable database – not just anonymous data in an aggregated form – to personalise your marketing and target contacts on an increasingly one-to-one level.

4. Personalized websites move beyond Amazon en Netflix

Today, technological advances have made the personalised website available for all marketers. Content management systems present dynamic web content much easier and seamless to customise web pages based on viewing history, interactions, the phase in the buying cycle, purchases, … . You will find people stay on your website longer and purchase more products the more your content gets better.

5. Location marketing 2.0 arrives

Knowing where your customers are is immensely powerful part of delivering the right message at the right time. But location marketing it’s about to get even cooler when retailers use a person’s exact location within a store to deliver targeted, relevant content based on demographic and behavioral data: age, gender, purchase history, online shopping cart, … .

6. Buyer Intelligence is no longer limited to the elite

Savvy marketers will be using buyer intelligence to build really smart automated programs that engage customers more strongly. The goal is to use your data to start modeling behaviors, and then use these models to help you reach your goal of delivering the right message at the right time.

7. Marketers become the architects of the customer experience

In 2014, succesful businesses will need to engage with each customer when and where that customer prefers with content that is perfectly tuned and individualised. Once you focus on the customer experience, you can start using their behaviours to deliver individualised content, across channels and in real time, that guides them through their unique buyer journeys.