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We are all in the conversion business. Converting unknown users to registered users, converting registered users to customers, converting customers to brand ambassadors and so on. So what better reason could we have to join the yearly #conversionday, hosted by Bloovi in Brussels.

So what did we learn?


Effective communication means automation! You need to focus on the important things, the rest should be automated. Once it’s automated in a descent way, revenue is coming in.


Design is an important piece of the puzzle. So keep the following pointers in mind when you are designing e-mails or webpages:

  • Reduce choice ! This will increase conversion dramatically.
  • Use a single question. Make it as easy as possible for all those potential customers.
  • Reduce the mental effort for all users and make some basic choices for the them.
  • Provide social proof. Prove that your product is working and people are buying.
  • Create scarcity to urge your customers to buy your product quickly. Think of the booking.com website and their constant last chance to book a room.
  • Be Consistent !
  • My personal favorite: sliders sucks ! Just don’t do it and simplify your pages as much as possible. Your main message should be easy to see.


The importance of mobility is clear. There are currently more mobile users than users on desktops. So pay attention !

  • A staggering 40% of visitors on your website turn to your competitors after a bad mobile experience.
  • The reason of responsive design should be to accommodate mobile conversion, not only adapting content to every screen size.
  • Mobile devices are used for specific tasks: to find your store, to read your blog post, to buy one of your great products. Not to browse your website.
  • Strangely enough, shopping carts on mobile devices are not used to buy. But users create their wishlists and buy later.
  • Speed is key to keep you customers coming back. Try to meet a standard of 1 to 3 seconds to load your page.
  • For all your mobile customers, think of Homer Simpsons:
    • They have a short attention span. So come to the point. Fast !
    • They are easily distracted. Move quickly and guide them to your call of action.
    • They have big thumbs, so think about that when you design a mobile website.