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An insurance company wanted to sustain growth, drive profitability and reposition itself as a modern and innovative player on the market. In order to achieve these goals, we decided to set up a Channel Marketing Program to support the keystone of every insurance company: the brokers.

Our business consultants started by reviewing the existing cooperation between the company and its brokers and defining the new process.

We defined a broker segmentation model based on current business, potential business and profitability and launched a SAAS based sales automation platform. This application gives a custom made view of the contact details and financial indicators per broker at every time and has become the day-to-day working tool of the sales people.

To run all communication and interactions across touchpoints and contact moments in an automated way, we implemented Selligent for contact & campaign management. And we developed a SAS business intelligence environment for extensive reporting to evaluate brokers and define targets.

Finally, we coordinated the creation of all communication tools involved in the Business Partner Program: online (extranet, intranet, bannering, e-mailing, …) and offline sales and co-marketing tools (welcome pack, sales folder, direct mail, …) per segment.